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About Us

What is Equine Assisted Coaching (EAC)


EAC is one of many different types of equine-assisted work that help individuals work through circumstances that are hindering their growth. EAC allows individuals to take steps forward in these areas quicker than traditional methods. Horses do not judge individuals, and they have no agenda. They are large, powerful animals, but they are also prey animals, and trust with a horse must be earned; they are honest, mirror our body language and act accordingly. After each session with the horses, individuals are encouraged to transfer the lessons they’ve learned from the horses to their personal and professional lives.

EAC supports individuals in areas such as grief, relationships, boundaries, parenting skills, communication and trauma. It also is effective for corporations and may include team building, leadership development, and business growth. 

Finding Serenity


My first encounter with serenity and horses was when I was being certified several years ago.  As I was going through the process one of my coaches mentioned that there was a study done with horses. The study concluded that when horses are in their herd, and the world is perfect, their energy level is measured at serenity. I found this information fascinating. As I continued to work with  rescued horses and people  healing together I witnesses this serenity that horses brought to my clients, time and time again. I  realized how significant this was to the healing of both the rescued horses and people that I was working with. When I started my program this image continued to grow in both my mind and heart. My goal for both clients and the horses I work with is for them to find serenity in whatever has happened in their lives that has brought them this place for healing and growth. 

Why Horses


  • A relationship with horses requires authenticity. In absence of authenticity, there is only frustration. Frustration leads to exploration and willingness to look a alternative methods of engagement
  • Relationships with horses require your entire presence.
  • The power and size of a horse acts as an equalizer and forces equal ground approach to a relationship
  • Horses will forgive legitimate mistakes
  •  Relationships with horses require mutual trust and respect
  • Relationships with horses permit a safe place to practice and build skills by which human relationships can also be built and sustained