Workshops, Groups and Individual Sessions

Womens Workshop


Many times we as women find ourselves taking care of all the people in our lives and neglecting ourselves in the process.  Then when we do find time for self care we feel like we are being selfish. 

Although, we let everyone know around us how important it is for them to take care of themselves.  We seemed to be wired to put ourselves last.  If you find yourself wondering how to achieve balance and find time for self-care this is the perfect workshop for you. You will gain practical insights and applications to take into your daily life that will support you in your individual goals and circumstances.

Women will have the opportunity to:

  • Focus on individual areas of strength
  • Practice self-care and being present
  • Build an awareness and practice personal boundaries techniques
  • Reflect on individual ineffective patterns 

Parenting Workshop


This workshop was created to support parents in raising resilient, successful, and healthy children. "Our Herd" parenting workshop will focus on the principals of relationship, structure, boundaries, and consistency. It sounds simple but success is  dependent on parents examining their individual strengths and areas of growth. Each one of us carries a backpack full of our positive and negative life-experiences.  When parenting, these experiences guide our parenting styles, family culture, and dynamics. The goal of this workshop is to take those experiences and use them to support children’s resiliency in all areas of their life.

Parents will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on their personal parenting style
  • Practice setting effective boundaries 
  • Build connections that strengthen family relationships
  • Understand how to support positive growth with all members of the family

Teachers Workshop


This workshop with horses provides teachers with a hands-on experience that will mirror their classroom environment. Teachers will build on their strengths and find solutions on how to engage & connect with students that have challenged them.  Research confirms that with a positive classroom culture and classroom management, students have higher academic successes. Teachers are encouraged to take their insights and learning from this workshop with the horses and implement them in their classroom and with individual students.

Teachers will have the opportunity to:

  • Create safe and healthy boundaries
  • Develop structures for their classroom and school site
  • Apply self-care and self-awareness
  • Reflect on their personal teaching style

Girls Equine Confidence Course


 Ever wish you had the guts to try out for that team or play, or speak to an adult you find intimidating, or actually speak up about a bully at school? What’s the secret? Confidence. It gives you the power to do everything you want. After taking the equine confidence course, you will soon be a girl of action, taking risks that lead to big adventures and taking on challenges you never imagined!

"I felt powerful and realize if I can have boundaries with a horse, I can with my friends"     

                                 10 yr old girl

Boys to Men Course


  Geared to ages 12-14 this course will focus on Leadership, Respect & Confidence. Opportunities to grow in these areas by partnering with our horse herd is the main focus of this course. Because horses are prey animals they require these characteristics within the herd in order to keep themselves safe and alive. Humans require these characteristics in order to live happy, healthy and productive lives. When people partner with horses they give us honest feedback and mirror our body language which supports our learning process. Horses exemplify true leadership, respect and confidence and help us build these characteristics within ourselves. 

Route 91 Group


This group is specifically for people that were effected by the Route 91 Concert shooting in Las Vegas October 2017.  Whether you were at the concert or a family member, friend or co-worker effected by the shooting. This group gives you the opportunity to heal with others that were survivors of this tragedy .  When we experience trauma in order to heal research has confirmed we need to feel connected and empowered.  Working with the horses allows this to happen in a safe place where the survivor of trauma and the horse guide the healing process.  

*Partial Scholarships for Individual Appointments also available for Route 91 survivors. 

Family Sessions


Our individual family sessions are customized for the families that we are working with.  Whether you are feeling disconnected from one another, struggling with communication or wanting to deepen your connection as a family, participating in family equine sessions will strengthen your family.  The insights you will gain about each other will allow you to become a more cohesive and bonded family.  A horse belongs to a herd which in horse terms is their family.  Since horses are prey animals they truly rely on each other for survival. In working with horses families can take the experiences with the horses and use them to create stronger family bonds, improve communication and connect with one another on a deeper level. 

Individual Sessions


Throughout all stages of life changes occur. Some of these changes are positive and others bring us to our knees.  The common thread - all changes can lead to growth. When hard times occur we have to ask ourselves is this event going to destroy me or refine me.  We get to choose who we want to be in spite of our circumstances.  The relationship between coach, client and horse is a creative partnership in which the goal is to:

  • Identify, clarify and create a vision 
  • Support change and clarify goals as needed
  • Encourage self-discovery
  • Nurture and create a plan of action based on what fits best with your goals, personality and vision
  • Foster accountability in order to promote positive change

Corporate Sessions


This unique opportunity will change the way business is done in your office.  Each corporate session is customized to the corporations individual goals and needs.  Opportunities for team building, leadership training, or other specific workshops can be created to meet your needs.  Working with horses builds  on individuals strengths and supports  areas of growth professionally for both employees and leadership. Most of us spend more hours with our office mates then with our families and friends.  Making sure we have a cohesive work environment is essential not only for personal wellbeing but the success of the business.